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Feature wish list

Beitragvon henrytj » Di Jul 24, 2007 10:33 pm

I just downloaded ArtWeaver and tried it out. It reminds me of my older Painter 5 that no longer runs on my newer machine without a patch. I think this program has great promise. Here are some features in other programs that I really like. It would be nice to see them in one single program.

Painter had a feature that would wrap a brush stroke to the opposite edge of the image. This is a great feature for making seemless textures. Even PS doesn't have this.

A program called ArtRage has a nice "creamy paint" looking brush. I have not seen that so far in ArtWeaver.

A program called DeepPaint has a great cloning feature that seems to somehow keep clone brush colors inside the boundry of that color from the original. (hard to explain.) Anyway, I have never seen this in another program, but its a great feature for turning a photograph into a painting very quickly.

The liquid metal (or mercury) brush in Painter (I have version 5) was great. Again, havent used ArtWeaver enough to see it has that.

These are some wish list items from my first experienc with ArtWeaver.


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