Tips & Trucks 14 from Maya

Hier können eigene Artweaver Materialien veröffentlicht und gedownloadet werden - Here you can publish custom Artweaver materials and download them.
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Tips & Trucks 14 from Maya

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What about Fonts?


There are plenty of websites which offer Free Fonts
Some nice websites with great Free Fonts:

* Remark

Always download your Fonts from a trustful website, see also my remark in Tips & Trucks 10


> Make a new Map in Your Documents, call this Map: My Fonts,
> Than, again, make a new Map (in the My Fonts-map) with the name of the new Font as a Title
> Place the Zip-file you have downloaded in this Map, scan your Zip-file extra for security reasons
> Then Unzip it and open the File in the Map
(I use JustZip it but you can use any other Free Zip-program of your liking of course)

If you download a lot of Fonts, you get a good overview this way, a good Fonts Archive

How to import your New Font?

> Open the Map with your New Font> copy the Open or True-Lettertype File (.ttf) you want to import
> Go to the Configuration-screen of your computer
> Open the Map> Fonts and Paste it there

Now if you open your AW Program or your MS Word.. you see the Font in the Fontlist and you can work with it


There are some exceptions, not every Font is suitable for using in your Programs
Never mind.. look for another Font!

Tutorial 3

3D Fonts created with Black or coloured Edges


> New Canvas: 800x600> White
> Duplicate this BG Layer, once or twice
> Choose a big bold Font
> Options (in the Header)> Bold> Size 200 or a bit less> Anti-aliased> Color Black> Apply

* Remark

When you work at your concept/design and you are not sure, yet, how large your Text- block must become...It is always better to position larger Fonts than smaller Fonts
because you get a better quality by shrinking than by enlarging your Text-layer, later on


> Put some random Text on your Canvas> Apply
> Go to> Layer (in the Header) and choose> Rasterize Layer.. you see this Layer's Background change to Transparant
> Select (Header)> Autoselect> Image Luminance
> Select (Header)> Feather> about 5 till 10
> Select (Header)> Modify> choose Contract> about 10

> Image (Header)> Fill with a Colour of your choise or try out White for a great effect
> Or choose Image(Header)> Fill with a Gradient (Suggestion: the Rainbow-gradient for another great Edge-effect)
> Duplicate your Text-layer > Mode Multiply for a maximum effect

Save your Text document or painting in AW Format and as JPG or PNG

These were the basics of this type of Text-effects and you can do your own experiments now with different settings etc.


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