Tips & Trucks 13 from Maya

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Tips & Trucks 13 from Maya

Beitragvon Maya » Fr Mai 25, 2012 11:48 am

How about Fonts?

Font Talk

Fonts and Texts are everywhere...

People do not always realise, how they are surrounded by texts, everyday, and how a text they see in advertising or in public places can influence them
You can't make a design for a poster, do advertising or a bookcover as an amateur or an artist, without paying attention to choose the right fonts for the information part and for further embellishments of your projects

It is a fact, we see around us so many times some texts made with really amazing text-effects
But it is possible to make such effects in AW too, without having to spend hours to achieve this.

A link which tells you more about the theory of types and fonts:

Tutorial 2

How to give a Font a Grunge/Urban Text-effect?


> Choose a nice fat Font or choose an old-fashioned Stencil Font
> New canvas 700x700, White Backgound
> Duplicate this BG Layer


> Use some rough Brushes, on this Dupl.Layer in black, grey and some dirty yellow colours, use different opacities, like the Markers>Dirty Markers or a cChalk brush> Square Chalk 70
or Charcoal> Pencils. Make random scratches and stripes all over the Layer

> Layer (Header)> New layer> Image> fill with White 50% Opacity
> Filter (Header)> Noise> Amount about 30%> Monochromatic
> Use> Filter (header)> Texture> Bumpiness, to give some relief to this Layer
You can tweak the Modes and Opacities in this Layer till you are content with it, later on
> Layer (Header)> New layer> Image> fill with White 100 % Opacity, or with Black or another colour of you choise. You even can fill this Layer with a picture
> Use the choosen Font now and add some Text, position it on the right place
> Layer> Merge down so Text-layer and the White(or Black/coloured) Layer become one Layer
> Select (Header)> Autoselect and the Text is selected now
> Delete> and see the Text with the Grunge-effect Texture you made by yourself,

As long as the Text is selected you still can make changes to the Text-effect in the underlaying Layers
> If you want some Relief> use one of the Papers at the base of the Tool-box
> Filter (Header)> Texture> Apply Bumpiness
> And, of course, you can continue to experiment with Filters and Adjustments etc, if you like too

* So this is the basic idea of making a Grunge-effect with Fonts

In the next Tutorial I will tell you where to find Fonts and how to import them and use them for your own projects


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