Tips & Trucks 12 from Maya

Hier können eigene Artweaver Materialien veröffentlicht und gedownloadet werden - Here you can publish custom Artweaver materials and download them.
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Tips & Trucks 12 from Maya

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Fonts and Text-effects

How to make your own Text-effects with Fonts in AW


In this Tutorial you will find some basic methods to start and experiment with simple Text-effects

Fill a Text with Colours and/or Gradients


> New Canvas: 800x600> White
> Duplicate this Background Layer as an extra layer
> you can always use this layer,later, for an extra Colour of Gradient effect or an imported Image under the Text

> Pick a nice fat Font to start with like UNPACT and fill in the options in the Header
> Options (in the Header)> Bold> Size 200 or a bit less> Anti-aliased> Color Black


> Put some random Text on your Text-layer> Apply
> Go to> Layer (in the Header) and choose> Rasterize Layer.. you see this Layer's Background changes to Transparant

Now we are going to use some of AWprogram options for some great Effects
Like: Colouring/Gradients/Adjustments-Effects/Filters/Brushes, all ready for experimenting

Text Effect 1

> Choose Select> Autoselect> now we only select the Fonts> see a new Submenu and make a choice,
> You can choose from> Image Luminance/Foreground Colour/Background Colour and Paper Colour,
or use one of these options as a basis for a Gradient later on

> Colour Filling
> Choose a nice Colour>Image (Header)> Fill> choose the Foreground or Background Colour of your liking

> Gradient filling
> Choose a beautiful Gradient like the Rainbow Gradient, a Standard Gradient in the Brush Editor
> And choose Image (Header)> Fill> for your Gradient filling, or choose the Gradient Tool in the Tool Box for drawing some random stripes


Keep the all the Fonts selected, as long as they are selected you can experiment and change their appearance till you are content with it

Another method of selection:

If you want to give a Text effect (like a filling with an other Colour/Gradient) at some Fonts separately..

> Select (Header)> Deselect and use the Magic Wand in the Tool box to select this special Font and change the filling


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