Tips & Trucks 11 from Maya

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Tips & Trucks 11 from Maya

Beitragvon Maya » Sa Mai 19, 2012 3:33 pm

What to do with Duotones?

Duotone is one of the effect Filters which is not often used, also because it is not so clear what you can do with it. But it is a Filter which has some amazing possibilities for artistic effects.

The Duotone Filter has 3 options:
Red.. or Green.. or Blue.. you can choose only one of them, at the same time

Now here is a little Tutorial how you can use this effect to its full potention.

(As an extra effect I also use a Gradient in one of the Layers)


Choose a photo of a good quality. I suggest a good portrait photo to start with.


> Open the Photo (Background)
> Duplicate the BG Layer, this is an extra Layer we will use later

> Duplicate the BG Layer, nr. 1
> Duplicate the BG Layer, nr. 2
> Duplicate the BG Layer, nr. 3

These 3 numbered Layers are the Layers we use for the Duotone effects

> So we open Layer nr. 1> Go to Filters (in the Header)> Stylize> Duotone> Red> OK,
( if we want to be sure we remember wich Duotone we use and in which of these 3 Layers
> Activate the Layer> Click on the little Icon in the corner, right> click> Layer Properties> Fill in
the Colour-name)
> Repeat this action for Layer nr. 2> Green
> Repeat this action for layer nr. 3> Blue

After we filled in the 3 Layers with the the 3 Duotone Effects, we change the Opacity of these Layers in about 80%. This always can be changed later

The extra Gradient

On top of these Layers we fill in a new Transparant Layer with a beautiful Gradient of our choise
>we use the Gradient Tool in the Tool box for this to draw Stripes in this Transparant Layer

I suggest: make a special Gradient (see Brush Editor) with transparant Stripe(s).. as, use the Black and White option in the Gradient Menu to choose 2 Colours
As an exemple.. Black and Red and Transparant Stripe(s) in between

Now we activate the Extra Layer and bring him on top of all the other Layers
and we change the colouring.
Go to> Adjustment (in the Header)> Desaturate or Greyscale and we change the original Colours in Grey Tones> Change the Mode in this Layer in: Soft Light

For Variations we now can tweak the Modes of the 3 Duotone Layers.. like with the Lineair Burn or the Darker Mode.. etc. If we wish we can change the Opacity in some Layers too

When you are content with it. Save the photo in AW format and in JPG or PNG

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