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Tips & Trucs 10 from Maya

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How to paint with a Palette of a famous Painter


you like a famous painting as ... "Waterlillies" by Manet, very much, or a classic painting like "Girl with pearl earring", by Vermeer. You admire the unique Colour Palettes of these famous Artists and you want to use one of these Palettes in a Painting of your own.

You can make a Colourset of it. It sure is a very good method. (I wrote about this before). But you cannot make use of all the Colours and Nuances of this inspirational Painting/Palette of your choice

But I developed a really simple method with which you can use the whole Palette in an easy way by intergrating such a Painters Palette in your Layers and as you finish your Painting you can simply delete this Painting/Palette


Search the Images on the Internet for a fine copy of the Painting of the Artist, you want to use. it does not matter much how large this copy is. Remember, there can be copyrights, so the images are not for distribution

* Remark

See if the Website is save..(see Virus Total Uploader 2.0) Download it.


> Open a New Canvas (White) in the format you want to paint on
> Duplicate this Background Layer

> Open the copy of the Painting you want to use as an inspirational Palette in AW
> Select (Header) > All
> Edit (Header) > Copy
> Paste on your own New Canvas.. it will become Layer 3 > you can name it now
> Close the copy of the Painting.. you no longer need it

So you have your New Canvas/Background, a duplicate BG Layer, and an upper Layer

The upper Layer (Layer 3) you will use as the Palette, if the Painting you have pasted in this Layer is too large.. you can move the Layer around with the Move Tool (under the Brush icon in the Tools Menu)
and you have full advantage, this way, of every Colour and Shade of this imported Painting/Palette

Now you can start to paint..

> Choose a Brush
> Choose a Colour from the Painting/Palette Layer with the Colour Picker Tool (see Tools)
> Shut the little Eye (Icon) of the Painting/Palette Layer and activate the underlaying Layer
> Start to paint
> Each time you want to choose an other Colour you can repeat this action

When your Painting is finished.. you can delete your Palette Layer and save the Painting in AW format and in an other format of your choice


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