Tips & Trucks 9 from Maya

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Tips & Trucks 9 from Maya

Beitragvon Maya » Sa Mai 05, 2012 12:38 pm

How to free a Shape from his background

To free a Form from his background in any digital program is a very popular topic on the internet. Some paid programs offer this possibility but with dedication and some patience
it is possible in AW too

With trial and error (of course) I developed this method as described here.
It is not a one click solution but certainly not too complicate to do

Preparation 1 the Brush

We make a special Brush for this method

> Choose the Tool> Stuff, now we change this Tool into this special Brush
> Size 5 (this is just an indication)
> Opacity> 98 à 100( tweaking the Opacity to a lower Level you get a stronger Feather Effect)

> Now to the Brush Editor

> Type Brush > Medium Profile
> AA> on
> Spacing> 1
> Type> Circular
> Method> Eraser
> Cathegory> Paint Remover Soft

> Save your new Brush> Go to the little Icon in the right corner of the Brusheditor
> Choose> Save Variant> choose a name, something like Tool Eraser, or Free Form
> Choose> Set Default Variant ok

Preparation 2 the Canvas

> Open the Picture (Background)
> Duplicate the BG Layer via Layers in the Header
> New Layer> fill> White>
> Bring this Layer back so it is positon is under the Duplicate BG Layer


We work with the upper Layer (the Duplicate BG Layer)
We can make this Brush work as a Line Tool without the nuiscance a Line Tool can be
Start with activating the Straight Line option in the Header for this Brush
Enlarge your Picture with scrolling your Mouse till about 300, so you have a good view on details and because the underlaying Layer is white.
Very carefully you draw short and longer lines around the object you want to isolate.
You still can tweak the Opacity and size of the Brush till it works for you with your Picture because each picture is different.
When your Shape is isolated and you are content with it your can delete the rest of the Layer now so the rest will become Transparant

Now there are different ways to delete these parts of your picture in your adjusted Layer which you no longer need

> You can use the Stuff Tool and start stuffing
> You can make smaller and larger Selections with the Lasso Tool and delete the selected Content
> Or you can use the Magic Wand and make Selections for deleting

At last you can delete the White Layer and finish your picture


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