Tips & Trucs 8 from Maya

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Tips & Trucs 8 from Maya

Beitragvon Maya » Mi Mai 02, 2012 8:09 am

How to use the Kneadable Brush for making Pearls

One of the newer Standard Brushes in AW is the Kneadable Brush

You find him in Tools> Brushes> Erasers

It is a fine brush with many possiblilties, as you can also lighten up a colour in a subtile way by using this brush.

But you can make Pearls for embellisments too.. in all shades or colours and ad many as you wish, with an amazing 3D effect

An example...


> New Canvas > 800x600
> Layers> New Transparant layer >ok
> Image> Fill with Black (another possibility is: using a beautiful Gradien to fill this layer)


> Tools> Brushes> Erasers
> Select the Kneadable Eraser, (Standard Size120)> use the Slider, change the size in +/- 60
> Change the opacity in 75% till +/- 100%

Now try this out.. if you are content with your new Brush, click on the little Icon in the right corner, above in the Brush menu. If you dont see the Brush Menu, activate this Menu via Windows, in the Header> Show Brush

> Save Variant
> Set Default Variant

And your Pearl Brush is saved

How to colour the Pearls?

If you want to give all your Pearls the same colour it is simple. This method only works on a Transparant layer

> Go to Image in the Header
> Adjustments
> Try out> ColourMixer or Colour Balance, these 2 are easy to tweak in the colours you want
> Try out other Adjustments and/or Filters too

Now how you can change the colour of a Pearl placed in a non-transparant Layer?

Go to Tools

> Selection> Circle> Feather 2> Anti-aliased
> Draw the Circle with another finger on the Shift button to get a perfect circle around the Pearl, keep a small marge around the Selection line for the feather effect

And fill in with some of the methods of colouring like I described earlier


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Re: Tips & Trucs 8 from Maya

Beitragvon directory » Di Dez 10, 2013 7:49 am

Thanks Maya, your tips about how to use the Kneadable Brush was really helpful for small graphic designers like me. I have heard about kneaded erasers earlier, but not known about the brushes that can be used from there. I tried out the methods you have shared and it is really fabulous to work.

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Re: Tips & Trucs 8 from Maya

Beitragvon EliseRaff » Mi Okt 21, 2015 11:07 am

Good product.
Thank you very much for sharing.

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