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Tips & Trucs 7 from Maya

Beitragvon Maya » Mo Apr 16, 2012 8:15 pm

How to get a Cross-hatching effect,
like using a pencil in a drawing or a photo, in AW

Cross-haching is a popular graphic technique through the ages. It is a kind of shading technique and is used by artists who use pencils and ink in their work.

It is possible to use one of the Brushes, like the Pencil Brushes, to get this effect, but it can also be achieved by one of the Filters of AW too.

Here is a simple method I have developed


> Open the drawing or the photo you want to work with in AW, this is the Background Layer
> Now duplicate this Background layer 3 times (via > Layer> Duplicate Layer)
> D. Layer 1> (shut the little eye) is our reserve Layer


> Now we continue with D. Layer 2, as one of the Layers for getting the Cross-hatching
> Go to Filter> Noise> Monochromatic> about 7 (strenght)
> Duplicate this Layer with this Noise effect.. This is D. Layer 3

> Back to D. Layer 2> Go to >Filter> Blur> Motion-Blur> Linear Blur> 320 Degree>
Distance (Strenght of the effect) about 5/7

> Go to D. Layer 3> Go to >Filter> Blur> Motion-Blur> Linear Blur> 220 Degree>
Distance (Strenght of the effect) about 5/7

So now we have the Cross hatching effect... only we still have to make it visible.

One method is:

> Mode> Normal> use the Slider of the Opacity in D.Layer 2 and 3
Start with D. Layer 2. A suggestion: Opacity> about 40/50

Other methods would be.. using Mode>Mulitply... using Mode> Soft Light..using Mode> Darker etc.
It depends of the drawing or the photo you work with and how strong you want the effect to be.

Do not hesitate to experiment!


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