Tips & Trucs 6 from Maya

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Tips & Trucs 6 from Maya

Beitragvon Maya » Mo Apr 09, 2012 5:58 am

Aquarel Papers

How to make a perfect Aquarel Paper for embellishing a painting or photo in AW in a simple way
(this method is developed by me)


> Open a Painting or Photo in AW
> Duplicate this Background Layer one or two times, as usual (to protect the orginal Background)


> Choose a New Transparant Layer via the Layer option in the header
> Choose a soft light Yellowish Colour or a soft Blue Colour, this depends wich colour you want your
paper to look like
> Use the Fill option in the header and fill the New Transparant Layer with the colour of your choice
> Choose Filter (header) > Noise> Add Noise> choose Mono +/- 10 or more
> Choose Filter (header) > Texture> Apply Bumpiness 1 > Angle +/- 310 degree
Mode> Normal> +/- 22
> Choose Filter (header) > Stylize> Colour Emboss 3 > Angle +/- 270 degree
When the Relief effect is too soft to your taste.. you can repeat this effect again

The beauty of this method is .. you can still tweak, paint and make changes in the underlaying Layer(s)
and see the effect directly in combination with the Aquarel paper


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