Tips & Trucs 5 from Maya

Hier können eigene Artweaver Materialien veröffentlicht und gedownloadet werden - Here you can publish custom Artweaver materials and download them.
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Tips & Trucs 5 from Maya

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How to make a creative use of the Color Set option in AW
In AW, there is the option: Gradients and the option: Color Set

I will tell you in a compact way how the C.S. option works and what you can do with it
As by making beautiful Color Sets, you use them in combination with some of your favourite Brushes to create lovely colorful Artwork.

Some theory.. the extention of a Color Set or a Swatch is .aco like Artweaver has the extention .aw


If you save a Colour Set/Swatch (like with Rainbow colors) for AW, or for using him in other programs, you save the file like:
It is possible to import all kinds of Aco’s in AW via> Preset manager> Color Set, via Internet
but it is fun to make them yourself.


Open AW. Open the shared Color/Color Set Menu via Window> show Color Set,
if it did not show up already when you openend your AW program
Click on the little Icons right in the corner and you see the Sub-menu and probably one of the Standard Color Sets of AW


Open any Image in AW. This is a great opportunity to get and try out the colorpalettes of wellknown paintings of famous artists like Monet or Van Gogh

Open the Sub-menu van de C.S. via the little icon
Click> New Color Set from Image, (the most important option)
Now you have the possibility to make your own C.S.
You see the option Tolerance, standard 50% and you can use the slider as you wish
> More to the left... and more color nuances are appearing, but there is limit
> More to the right.. and your palette will have a lot less nuances

If you want to save this new C.S., you can save him on your disk, like in AW's program
And if you named and saved the C.S., he shows up at the bottom of the Submenu

Click> New Color Set from Layer
Now you use a selected Layer for making a Color Set and not the Background
Click> New Color
You can pick up a Color for your Brush from the Color Set

The rest of the options speaks for themselves. As long as you have saved your new Color Sets on your disk you can always upload them again via the Submenu and via the Preset manager

> Reset Color Set
> Save Color Set
> Load Color Set
> Replace Color Set
> Sort Color Set

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