Tips & Trucs 4 from Maya

Hier können eigene Artweaver Materialien veröffentlicht und gedownloadet werden - Here you can publish custom Artweaver materials and download them.
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Tips & Trucs 4 from Maya

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Designing a New Brush by using an existing Brush

Par Example..

Making a fine Blending Brush
(With painterish qualities)


Open a New Canvas 800x600 pix, colour White

Choose a large Brush (like an Acryl Brush) from the Brush Tools
and paint a large dot of black colour on the left of the Canvas and a large dot of red colour on the right. These are the colours we will use later to try out our new blending Brush


Open the Brush Tools
Pick out the Wet Soft Acryl Brush 20> change Bleed: 100

Open the Brush Menu and click the little Icon at the bottom of the Captured Brushes,
Choose a new type of Captured Brushes like Bristles 60
In this Brush Menu is the possibility to change the Brush Point,
Choose General> Medium Profile
Also in General: fill in Type> captured /Method> cover /Category> soft

Go to the New Canvas with the big colourdots and start blending

If this Brush works to your satifaction and you want to save him..
Click on the little Icons, right above in the corner of the Brush Menu
Select: Save Variant> Give a name to your New Brush, something like: Blender soft
Select> Destination Category.. this can be an allready existing Category or a New Category, like Blending Brushes >ok
Click again on the little icon in the right corner above
Select: Set Default Variant> Do you want to create your own Default Variant?
Click: Yes

And your new Blending Brush is saved and ready

So this is the principe and an Example how to tweak any brush to your liking (by using the Sliders of the Header and all the possibilities of the Brush Menu). By experimenting you will make some great Brushes for your personal use


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