Tips & Trucs 3 from Maya

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Tips & Trucs 3 from Maya

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Turning a photo in a drawing

There are many ways to turn photo's into drawings, some complicated, some simple
This is one of them, my own method

> Open the Photo you want to transform, in AW, as Background,
> Shut the little eye in the Layer/History menu
> Duplicate the Layer (D. 1) (Mode=Normal, Opacity 100%)
> Go to Image> Greyscale, about 60/60/60, you still have to see enough details in the middletones
> Duplicate the Layer (D. 2), Mode> Exclusion
> Go to Image> Adjustments> Invert
> Change the Layer/Mode of D. 2 in Difference
> Go to Layers and merge down the last Layer
> Go to Image> Adjustments> Curves and tweak the Light/Dark Balance when needed

The drawing by now must look really clear and sharp, like using a H or HB pencil

> To soften the lines of the drawing and lighten up the image a little ..
> Effects> Blur> Gaussian Blur 10. It is more like using a B pencil, this way

At last.. save your drawing in AW format (with all the Layers) and save your drawing in an other format too. Like in JPG, PNG, or Bitmap

Remark: of course you can do your own experiments with this method


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