Tips & Trucs 2 from Maya

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Tips & Trucs 2 from Maya

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A simple way to sharpen your pictures in AW

On the Internet there are many Tutorials how sharpen your pictures in the best way. It is a hot topic. There is not one way " the best", there are more ways

This is one of them

> Open the Picture that needs sharping
> Duplicate this Background layer (D. 1)
> Use Filters> Sharpen> Unsharp mask (use the standard setting 50/1/0)
> Duplicate this Layer (D. 2)
> Use Filter> Sharpen>Sharpen
> Duplicate this Layer (D.3)
> Use Filter Blur

All these 3 new Layers we see now in the Layers/History Menu

The settings of all of them, in the beginning is: Mode Normal 100%
Now we tweak the Layers, starting with the upper layer, Layer 3 (the Blur Filter)
and we can use the Slider(s) to reduce some of the the Opacity in all these 3 Layers
till we are happy with the Sharping's effect


For finer detailing: use one of the Photo Brushes in Tools/Brushes
Use for this purpose, the Photo/Blur Brush or the Photo/Sharpen Brush, you can tweak this Brushes
to your liking too


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