Drop Shadow Tutorial

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Drop Shadow Tutorial

Beitragvon Adrian » Mi Sep 29, 2010 2:38 pm

Sometime ago someone asked about a Drop Shadow in Artweaver here is a new tutorial by me I hope you find it useful
Butterfly (with a Drop Shadow)

In this exercise we shall add a shadow under a butterfly (this effect will work with any object (or group of pixels) in you photo including text

1. Open the photograph Butterfly.jpg (or simple creature/object). Right click on the ‘background’ and Duplicate the layer. Turn off the ‘background’ layer.
2. With a lasso/eraser delete the background from the photo (you should see the checked pattern to indicate transparency).
NOTE look at the layer palette if you can not see the checked pattern on the screen or turn off the background layer. (see Layer Palette.jpg)

3 Add a two new layer by clicking on the 4th icon found at the bottom of the Layer Palette. Choose a new foreground colour (try a green) and select the Paint Bucket. Click on the screen, to fill the layer with the ‘Foreground Colour.

3. Move the Coloured layer down the Layer Palette list by dragging so that it is under the butterfly layer. You should now be able to see the butterfly on a coloured background. Move the empty layer so that it is just below the background copy.

4. Ctrl + click on the Thumbnail of the Background Copy (the Butterfly Layer). This selects ALL on that layer (i.e. the butterfly), placing a ‘marching ants’ lasso around it.

5. Change the Foreground Colour to Black and with the Empty Layer selected choose the Paint Bucket. Click in the lasso to fill it with black. Change the opacity of the layer to approximately 50% and add a slight (gaussian) blur (try radius 50) (from the filters).

6. Move the Shadow layer to see the effect. (Shadow.jpg for the final effect)

(PS. I have added JPG images and hope this helps.) - Feedback would be useful. Adrian
Layer Palette.jpg

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