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Artweaver Plus 3.0 is available

Beitragvon Boris Eyrich » So Nov 20, 2011 4:41 pm

Artweaver Plus 3.0 is now available. This version includes the following new features / improvements:

New Features
  • New team functionality to work together with several artists at the same document over LAN or
  • New brushes: Warping and Coloring
  • Target category of new brush variants can now directly selected on saving
  • New command to capture Imagestamps inclusive configuring multiple elements
  • New Filter: Filter Gallery
  • Filter previews now show only selected area instead of whole document
  • Few filters show now a real-time preview directly in the document
  • Selections can now free transformed like layers
  • New views for all preset selectors: List and Thumbnail
  • New command to deskew images automatically
  • New layer properties dialog with more settings

  • Improved speed especially on file read operations
  • Improved palette docking with drag & drop
  • Added support for tools to custom palette
  • Improved controls on Preview palette for zoom and rotation
  • Added support for units to New Guide dialog
  • Added expansion of all group layers with pressed Ctrl key and mouse click
  • Improved quality of Hairy Brush category
  • Added impasto support for Hairy Brush category
  • Added expression setting for Impasto smoothing
  • Improved adjusting of brush size with mouse and pressed Shift key
  • New shortcut to change brush tool mode
  • Shape-Selection and Shape tool now support view rotation
  • Added Strikethrough and Underline options to text tool
  • Improved saving of GIF animation with transparency
  • Added EXIF setting and preview of the resulting file size to JPEG save dialog
  • Added EXIF support to TIFF file format (only reading)
  • Added support for Large Document Format to PSD file format
  • Added 16 bits/pixel option to BMP file format save dialog
  • New command to convert a background layer to a normal layer and back
  • Text in Clipboard can now pasted into a new text layer
  • Added import of presets by double clicking a preset file
  • Improved online update
  • Many minor improvements and issues fixed

You can get more information about Artweaver Plus here and you can try out / download Artweaver Plus here.

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