monochrome tree: acrylic - captured dab - dried ink

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monochrome tree: acrylic - captured dab - dried ink

Beitragvon mu » Mo Sep 19, 2005 10:26 pm

Hi there,

as a little goodie to master eyrich for his quick and solid work on all of these artweaver versions I hereby add another "demo":

the tree is made of a captured dab which produces nice textures - it can be seen also in this thread where it used to crash AW. This bug seems to be a thing of the past (*hooray! a roar can be heard from the back of the pub, beer mugs ringing*)...together with some additional shading and twigs made of coal (no changes)

The "ground", if something which lacks any detail ma be called like this, is to show some of the strokes of my acrylics. I changed these a little (as opposed to the presets): it can be downloaded here for quite a while...;-)

the little specks almost, but not quite resembling birds are done with "dried ink"...

go and paint - this is fun!





Beitragvon mu » Di Sep 20, 2005 12:18 am

sorry for the dble post: forgot to add that the texturedInk dab (the leaves...) can be downloaded here, too...

happy painting said bob :wink:

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