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To create a spray paint text effect in Artweaver

Verfasst: Do Mai 01, 2008 2:41 am
von hiberniorex
To create a spray paint text effect in Artweaver

These steps will re-create an effect that looks similar
to the old-time advertisements that used to be painted
on the sides of buildings. It can also be used to create
graffiti effects.

1. Open the brick wall image (or another image where you'll be creating your text).

2. Select your font, font color, font size, etc...
A. Type your text.

3. On the Text layer, go to Select> Layer Content (this will create a selection area around your text.

4. Hide your Text layer.

5. Open a new layer. (This should create Layer 2)

On Layer 2
6. Click on Select> Feather.
A. Radius 5-10 pixels is good for most types of text.

7. Select the brush tool and a brush tip.
A. Large brush size
B. Low Opacity number. (I usually use a number between 5-10).

8. Use the Brush tool to make several (five to ten) passes over the selected text area.

9. Deselect the selection area.

10. Change the blend mode of Layer 2 from Normal to Color (Multiply works sometimes too depending on the color).

Final Step (IF Needed)

11. Adjust the opacity of Layer 2 to get a more faded effect.

Verfasst: Di Feb 10, 2009 5:16 am
von spr4life
I like mine