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My work ^^

Verfasst: Di Nov 29, 2011 3:37 pm
von Nina2a
Recently, I have a tablet and Artweaver. Beautiful were the birthday ^ ^. But I do not know.
I would like to present some works, which were created in this great program. So far, I'm working on a picture ... Kind of dark ... Certainly praise him ^ ^.
Enjoy :D

Re: My work ^^

Verfasst: Di Mär 24, 2015 6:36 am
von tmyusuf
This is your first graphic work beyond this is not bad. So my suggestion keeps it going you have a graphic talented brain.

Re: My work ^^

Verfasst: Di Jun 20, 2017 11:04 am
von zummy123
Good job! I really like your picture. Keep on your working :mrgreen:
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