Layer Styles

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Layer Styles

Beitragvon avryhof » Do Aug 07, 2008 1:54 am

First, Thanks for creating Artweaver... it is truly a magnificent program and what I have tried so far works well. There are just a few features I would like to see.

1. The ability to apply a filter in a new layer (ex: Drop Shadow) or maybe the ability to apply the effect/filters to a selection in a layer above or below.

2. Filters for Stroke, Inner Shadow, and bevel.

3. Photoshop Plugin/Filter support (this would probably solve #2)

That's all.... with these, I can start moving my own websites over to Artweaver graphics. Once PSD layers are supported, I can start converting my old Photoshop 6 art over to Artweaver.

Thanks again!!!

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