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I can't see some of my files

Verfasst: Fr Okt 23, 2015 3:33 pm
von Walsa
I was drawing as usual and suddelnly it starts to lag really bad. I saved it quickly and everything was fine. Untill it started to say "error accured" and wanted me to send error informations to artweaver. It didn't let me to send them or save. I closed the tab and launched artweaver again. Everything seemed normal until I tried to open my drawing. It shows nothing! (Screenshot behind this link ) This happend to me with one older drawing too - I changed to bigger hardrive and now I can't see it. I didn't worry about it so much because it was worthles scetch. I closed the whole thing, restarted my whole Computer and tried again - same thing! I even tried to save it as Photoshop file but Photoshop won't open it either... It was REALLY important and my deadline is in only few days... I don't have enough time to draw new one (And my teachers won't let this pass because it is my fault)! Please help me. I am so desperate right now. I can't fail my whole course because of this.