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Pixel brush and eraser tools

Verfasst: Mo Aug 18, 2014 4:20 pm
von bakkelun
From what I can see, there is no 1x1 pixel brush to draw pixel art. The same goes for cleanly erasing a 1x1 pixel block.

The closest I get is a pencil 1x1, but that's actually drawing a 3x3 cross, with the out areas faded and the center the color you've chosen.

Choosing the pencil with a brush size of 1px actually gives you a 3x3 block

Erasing like it is now is not removing the area instantly, but rather requires many "strokes" before an area is gone. Look at how Photoshop does it instead.

Erasing a pixel actually semi deletes the outer area of a 3x3 block

Re: Pixel brush and eraser tools

Verfasst: Mi Aug 20, 2014 7:31 pm
von Boris Eyrich
This is a wanted limitation of the Artweaver Free version. The Plus Version has a Pixel brush type which does really draw pixels without any anti-aliasing like you have described here. Please see here for all the Artweaver version differences.