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Corel Painter brushes in Artweaver

Verfasst: Mo Sep 09, 2013 4:47 pm
von tradigital
I have many painting software, but I like Artweaver, it’s easier to use! I want to upgrade to artweaver plus too.
My question about extra xml brushes.
I want to use some of Corel painter brushes, each brush has 3 files 1-xml___ 2-NIB file___ 3-STK file
I tied the xml alone, I restart Artweaver and I was happy to see the brushes, but all works as normal round brush! (I wanted to try the blenders; there are no blenders in Artweaver)
I tried to put all 3 Corel files, but the same problem!
Is there any solution? Maybe plugins Or any specific file from Corel painter folder?
Please help :oops:

Re: Corel Painter brushes in Artweaver

Verfasst: Do Sep 12, 2013 9:15 am
von Boris Eyrich
Artweaver does not support XML files from other application. If your XML files work in Artweaver it is more by accident as desired. This is also true for NIB and STK files.

The only way I could imagine to migrate your brushes to Artweaver would be to create new brush variants in Artweaver and copy the brush settings from Painter to Artweaver from each application interface. Many of the brush settings in Artweaver should be quite similar to Painter so there should be no big issues with missing / not supported settings.

For blending in Artweaver checkout the Smear and Warp brushes. Maybe the help you further.

Re: Corel Painter brushes in Artweaver

Verfasst: Do Sep 12, 2013 6:14 pm
von tradigital
Thank you Boris
I was thinking about that, I'll give it a try :)