Silly Question :)

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Silly Question :)

Beitragvon Zeebrah » So Aug 28, 2011 11:19 pm


This sounds like a really stupid question but can someone please tell me how to just get a normal brush line on artweaver.
So basically it doesn't look blurry and doesn't look like a proper brush. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense but I'm finding it hard to explain :')
I basically just want a solid black outline when i use the brush tool because I like drawing cartoons and things but I always get a blurry look to the outline. If anyone can tell me how to get rid of it I would really appreciate it! :D

Thanks in advance! ;)

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Re: Silly Question :)

Beitragvon Maya » Mo Aug 29, 2011 2:32 pm

Hello Zeebrah

There are no silly or stupid questions.
Only when the questions are asked over and over again..That will be silly.

I will try to give you a direction for creating such a brush by yourself.. by tweeking a brush which is already there.

An exemple...

Tools>Paintbrush>Pencil> choose the 2B pencil.. now the tweeking begins..and you tweek what you like and how you want the brush to be.

In the Brush Features above the Canvas

Change Opacity to> 100
Change Bleed to> 0

Now you have a brush with a harder edge.

You can tweek the brush even more in the Brusheditor

Like changing the setting in Method and Category.. or changing the Brushpoint.

I suggest, keep just a little softness at the edges of the stroke, you will get a more supple stroke, like inkt flows.

When the line is too harsh.. the edges look jagged, without an anti-alias effect.

When you are content> save Variant (in BrushEditor) give the new brush a name
and> save Default Variant..

And the brush is yours...

Good luck with it


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