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The background custom color would not set when I clicked on image, window, set paper color. It stayed white. I double clicked on the foreground color, but it did not work (neither did the background color).

The page suddenly appeared with letters. When I tried to delete and NOT apply, it did not work. I had to close AW and start again.

The brush from the eraser’s category do not work.

In your help section, on the left menu, it does not allow you to click on a subject for review, you have to go to the top of the page and scroll through all of the subjects to get to the one you want.

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Re: Problems

Beitragvon Boris Eyrich » Do Aug 18, 2011 10:29 am

To change the background color of a document, you can use the Paint Bucket Tool or the menu command "Image -> Fill". The paper color in Artweaver is only a default color which should be used if no other color is defined (e.g. for some filters and for save/export with transparency in the document).

For the eraser it's important to use the right variant. The default Eraser Tool removes the color (on layers with transparency) and on background layers the color is set to white. But to set the paper color as replacement color you can use the Brush Tool with the Erasers:Kneadable Eraser preset.

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