filling a cartoon with color

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filling a cartoon with color

Beitragvon Goggleplex » Do Apr 21, 2011 5:05 am

The lines in a cartoon image I drew are anti aliased, (or something like that). I smoothed them out so although the lines are black, there are different shades of gray on the edges. When I try to fill this shape with a color, the lighter shades of gray don't get filled and they stand out as white specs all along the edge of the shape. How can I tell the program to put the color over the gray pixels, (without covering them up). It should look as if I placed a piece of colored cellophane over the shape, cut exactly to fit. Cabeesh? :)

I achieved this once before in another program but this is a different computer and I don't even remember what program I used!!!!

Thanx in advance for any help! :)

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Re: filling a cartoon with color

Beitragvon newyorkmovie » So Apr 24, 2011 11:23 am

This isn't a direction solution, but it might give you some ideas? You could try adjusting the tolerance setting. As a quick test, I tried raising the slider to a higher value and found the fill would leave fewer specks near the edges for you to cover up. Give it a whirl and let me know if you come up with something more effective. I'm interested in this one myself.

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Re: filling a cartoon with color

Beitragvon Goggleplex » Mo Mai 02, 2011 9:06 pm

Adjust the tolerance? I can't find that anywhere. I typed it into 'Index' in HELP and found nothing.

I think I may've done this before in a different program. If the fill color could be made to be transparent, then it wouldn't "stop" when it reached a pixel of another color. It would just superimpose itself over it. That's what I'm looking for. And you'd have to adjust its "tolerance" because otherwise, it wouldn't know where the actual line were. So that must be the adjustment you're talking about.

Can you tell me exactly how to find the tolerance slider you're talking about? I have very poor eyesight so I probably need very clear directions. :(

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Re: filling a cartoon with color

Beitragvon Maya » Mi Jan 11, 2012 3:08 am


although this is an older topic I can give you, and others who are interested, an other and very simple option to draw cartoons or anime.

Like this..

> Start with a white background, make a copy-layer for later embellisments
> New layer 1, transparant
> New layer 2, transparant
> You can make your drawing with a brush like an (adjusted) calligraphy brush in layer 2, the toplayer
> You can colour your drawing in layer 1, beneath your drawing. In this way .. the drawing would
stay untouched.

> For details by colouring... zoom in


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