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Cannot load Artweaver/ Unusually long loading time

Verfasst: Di Mär 08, 2011 2:27 pm
von PearlsphereDrafitti
I had Artweaver 1.0 installed in Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) for over a year and I had no problems with it. However, just 2 days ago I faced problems when starting Artweaver.
My problem is description is rather complicated, so your patience is very much appreciated!

This is what happened and what I did to try to solve it:
1.When I clicked on the shortcut, nothing happens; the program does not start. Sometimes it will only start after I wait for 15-30 minutes, sometimes up to an hour.
2.When I check Windows Task Manager, the process "Artweaver.exe" is listed but the Application is not listed as 'Running'.
3. If it starts at all, I could not open certain JPEG files. I got and error message stating that the JPEG plug-in cannot read the image or cannot be executed.
4. I tried running Artweaver in Safe Mode. It could start, but the Brushes, Layers, Colour Swatches and Preview windows cannot be used.
5.I have already tried uninstalling and re-intalled Artweaver, but it does not work, the problem still persists.
6.I tried uninstalling some other software that I suspected to be conflicting with Artweaver, but it did not work. Artweaver still refuses to start or takes unusually long time to start.

I just want to know:
-if there's a way to fix this problem
-why this problem happens
-if anyone out there using Windows Vista SP2 has the same problem as mine (because I suspect the recent Security Update from Microsoft could have affected Artweaver).

If you have read this far, then I thank you very much in advance. I hope you can help me!

detail to add: I have tried clearing my PC using DiskCleanup and uninstalling the most recent Microsoft Updates, there is improvement with the PC speed but the problem still persists.

Re: Cannot load Artweaver/ Unusually long loading time

Verfasst: So Mär 13, 2011 9:42 pm
von Boris Eyrich
There is no known problem in Artweaver which leads to the described long loading times. Maybe a firewall or a securty tool is blocking Artweaver?

Which version exactly of Artweaver are you sing? (for example file version of Artweaver.exe file in the Artweaver program directory).

Re: Cannot load Artweaver/ Unusually long loading time

Verfasst: So Mär 20, 2011 8:13 am
von PearlsphereDrafitti
Thank you for replying my post!
I'm currently using Artweaver 1.0, version1.23.
I just found out what's causing the problem yesterday, and I've already fixed it. Apparently, Epson printer software Status Monitor 3 caused Artweaver and several other software to crash. I have uninstalled Status Monitor 3 and Artweaver is now working normally again.