!HELP! I accidently deleted 2point gradient ;w;

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!HELP! I accidently deleted 2point gradient ;w;

Beitragvon beetho3111 » Di Dez 28, 2010 11:29 pm

Oki, so I got Artweaver when I bought my VisTablet.

I was coloring in some artwork when I was playing around with the gradients. I accidently, pressed 'delete' for the 2point gradiant, the one that allows you to make a gradiant out of whatever 2 colors you're already using, instead of choosing one of the presets.

I tried to undo, I unistalled Artweaver and installed it again, and I even tried to get the gradient on my lap top (because I isntalled it on there too) and put it back via USB or something, but nothing's worked.

I suppose I could manually change the gradients ;w;

but what I want to know is


And while I'm asking questions, is there a way to make a curvy line? Y'know, like on Gimp and SAI. There's the line tool, but it gives you a curvy line tool too?

Help plz~ ;w;

Boris Eyrich
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Re: !HELP! I accidently deleted 2point gradient ;w;

Beitragvon Boris Eyrich » Mo Jan 03, 2011 4:52 pm

The 2point gradient is stored in the file Default Gradients.grd which is located in the Artweaver Program directory (C:\Program Files\Artweaver\Standard\Gradients).

To restore this and all other default gradients, remove the file mentioned above by hand and run again the Artweaver Setup. Afterwards the 2point gradient should appear again.

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