The new Artweaver

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The new Artweaver

Beitragvon Maya » Do Nov 04, 2010 12:12 am

Hello Boris and forum-members

I have some remarks and I want to ask some questions based on comparing the older versions of AW en the new one.
For the record.. I use both programs, a portable, older version and the new program.
In the new version I miss some essentials, like the Warping Brushes, the Colorizing Brushes.
Also I do miss, the possibility to make dropshadows wich is great for making Art fonts.
Also the Seamless effect filter, although it is not really entire seamless.

In the Brush Editor I miss the possibility now to change the direction of a brush. And i have the feeling that not all the possibilties are working correctly.

A great plus is that I can record the painting now.
With the Erasers.. I am happy with the kneadable gum

What I want to ask for.. for the future of course, to get a really good Chinese Brush.. The one which start with a thin point and grows widter, a brush wich goes really "round" in a smooth and supple way.

And what I have noticed too that it is not really possible to import the customized brushes, made in the new AW in an older version. They contain more data.

I hope my contribution is useful. And.. I am really glad that such a great program as AW exist.. I like it more than PS.
Thank you for the good work.


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