Stamp Tool Problem

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Stamp Tool Problem

Beitragvon Adrian » Fr Sep 24, 2010 12:00 pm

Hello and thank you for this super editor.
I have used this editor (v1.1) for sometime (and Photoshop) and have notice some unusual problems with the Stamp Tool (I have used for cloning). When selecting this tool sometimes the brush circle does not appear (even if is a large 'size') this makes it very difficult to determine when the cloning effect will delete areas of the image I wish to keep. I think that this may have occured after changing the brush size?!
Also, sometimes when the brush circle does appear there are lines bordering it (generally at the top and left side at a short distance from the circle), this is not such a problem just strange.
Also, is there a reason for the brush sizes to stop at a max of 250?

Many thanks

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