Contest for user created images on the Artweaver homepage

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Contest for user created images on the Artweaver homepage

Beitragvon Boris Eyrich » Di Mär 23, 2010 10:32 am


I plan to add at least one user created image as a banner on the Artweaver homepage with the possibility to download it (as AWD document or better as Artweaver event file). For this image there will be a contest and the image with the most votes will be chosen.

Please feel free to attach your submission (images) to this post which should be included in the contest.

For such images there are some rules:
  • the image must be done with Artweaver
  • the image should be a drawing and no photo collage or something similar
  • if you image is accepted for the contest, please provide it as a AWD file (on request)
  • If available, please provide also the Artweaver event file (protected or not is you own decision)

All submissions will be collected in this post and I will create a contest where every user can choose his favorite. The winner image of the vote will be placed on the Artweaver homepage with permission of the author and including the credits of the author.

Deadline for the submissions is the end of April.

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