Additional third-party Photoshop filter compatibility list

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Additional third-party Photoshop filter compatibility list

Beitragvon Boris Eyrich » Di Okt 06, 2009 9:23 am

Here a list of tested Photoshop Filter Plug-ins for the Artweaver Plus Version. Thanks to efi who has done this great job. Please feel free to complete this list...

Tested on Windows XP:

To be continued...
  • [X] Xero Freeware Plugins,
    (Abstractor, Alien Mist, Artgrain, Artifax, Artworx, Bad Dream, Caravaggio, Clarity, Cubism, Duochrome, Emphasis, Fritillary, Fuzzifier, Greyscaler, Greytinter, Illustrator, Improver, Iridium, LineArt, Lithograph, Make-a-Flake, Mistifier, MoodLight, Moonlight, Nostalgia, Pastellise, Porcelain, Pulsar, Radiance, Seasons, Serious Fog, Simplicity, Skycleaner, Softmood, Soft Vignette, Sparkles, Supersmooth, Tekstya, Titanium, Tweaker and Ultraviolet)
  • [ ] Mehdi Freeware Plugins,
    (Absolute Color, Blots 2, Color MegaMix, Contrast Balance, Curves, Edges Fx, Equalizer, Eraser Classic, Eraser Genuine, Fine Threshold, Flat Median, Fur 2, Gradient Smithy, Grain Natural 2, HSL Plus, Julia World, Kaleidoscope 2.1, Local Equalization, Melt 1.1, Projection, Posterizer, Quick Mirror, Seamless Border 2, Sorting Tiles, Vibrations 1.1, Wavy Lab 1.1, Weaver)
    • Freezing while panning in the preview window in filter "Fine Threshold"
  • [X] Greg's Factory Output Vol I & II,
    (Edge Hilite, Blowout, Warp, Twister, Splash, Gradient Blocks, Neon Edges, RGB Intensify, RGB Isolate, Shear Tiles, Sine Blobs I, Sine Blobs II) and
    (CMY Isolate, CMY Colorize, Edge Effects, Metal Effects, Pool Shadow, Spotlight, Radial Hilite, Shatter, Sierpinski Stitch, Sine Blobs III, Sine Blobs IV, Waffle)

    Known issues:
    • Neon Edges and Edge Effects seem to be broken - PhotoImpact and PaintShopPro even crash with those!
  • [ ] Cybia Freeware Plugin collections "The Works", "Fotomatic",
    (ColourWorks, EdgeWorks, MasterBlaster, Mezzy, ScreenWorks, ...)
    • Filters don't work and break the plugin system until restart!
  • [X] Cybia's Final Impact - Vivida,
  • [X] Virtual Photographer,
  • [X] GX Gothic 1,
  • [X] Paint Engine (old freeware version),
  • [X] Little Ink Pot - free plugins,
    (Xpose, Chalkaholic, Thredgeholder)
  • [X] DC Special,
    (BW-Logo, BeyondEdger, BorderFade, DayDream, DeepDream, Fire, Ice, Jaggedge, Money, OutLine, Peter Max, Rain, SpiroFX )
    Minor issues:
    • Some labels apperar black on black (e.g. in BeyondEdger)
  • [X] Filter Farm,
  • [ ] Flaming Pear Freebies,
    (ChromaSolarize, Zephyr, ...)
    • Filters not working correctly or causing immediate crash!

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Re: Additional third-party Photoshop filter compatibility list

Beitragvon Vock » Mi Okt 07, 2009 7:11 pm

In AW 0.57 there was a Red-Eye Removal Plugin. This does not exist any longer (at the moment, hope it comes back) in AW1.0

Here is a (free) Photoshop-plugin that works (even if not very comfortable in zooming the respective area):

One issue recognised: when uninstalling this plugin, AW could not read any .jpg-files any longer; it required a re-installation of AW

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Re: Additional third-party Photoshop filter compatibility li

Beitragvon Merchant » Di Jun 19, 2012 6:19 pm

Thank you. Nice report. Thatll give me a nice overview :)

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