Low resolution and severe noise issues with HDR

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Low resolution and severe noise issues with HDR

Beitragvon Stonefury » Do Jun 04, 2009 5:18 pm

I am attempting to use Artweaver for post-processing of HDR tonemapped images. I started by converting my 3 exposure-bracketed raw files to full-size, full quality Jpegs with resolution of 300 dpi and noise reduction applied. I then made these into an HDR and tonemapped using the trial version of Dynamic-Photo HDR. I saved the result as a jpeg, also with 300 dpi resolution.

The problem is, when I open this jpeg in Artweaver it looks awful. There is a terrible grain/noise in the sky which is obvious even viewing a small 12% magnification image. It looks much worse than the DPHDR output that I saved, and when I view the same file in other programs it looks much better. It looks like the resolution has been dramatically reduced, and when I looked at the image size I found that it had been reduced to 72 dpi. When the same file was opened in photoshop it remained 300 as I had saved it, but reducing this to 72 dpi still didn't reproduce the problems that I see when I open it in Artweaver.

So one question is, is there any way to get Artweaver to preserve resolutions higher than 72 when I open high resolution jpegs?

Another question is, why is it ravaging the HDR? after tone-mapping and saving as a jpeg it should just treat it like any other jpeg I would think, but when I open any of the 3 jpegs I used to make the HDR, they look like they should (besides being reduced to 72 dpi which is pretty subtle). The same problems appear in other HDR images too.

A third issue, mostly just an annoyance, is that once I've opened a file from the "HDR" folder (whether HDR or normal jpeg), if I go up one directory and then into my "jpegs" folder, I get error messages when I try to open any of those files. Something like "Cannot open "G" because the file could not be found." If I close and restart the program, I can open these files then, but only until I open something from the HDR folder after which I again get this error.

Can you help at all with any of these problems?

Boris Eyrich
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which color space do the JPEGs use? Is this RGB or another space? Because Artweaver only support RGB, a conversation is performed for other spaces.

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