use as a painterly renderer ( script tool)

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use as a painterly renderer ( script tool)

Beitragvon steveblue » So Mai 10, 2009 9:48 pm

We have a research tool(university) that makes paintings from portrait photographs using a cognitive knowledge model. We have several published papers and very strong resutls :

We are still using a simple circle brush and would love to use artweaver as a output painterly renderer. We have a way to output strokes and have them read into corel painter and would prefer an open tool like AW and possibly where using the SDK we can do it on the fly.

Is it possible to run artweaver from a script ( or from the sdk) where a list of brush types, stroke coordinates, colors can be sent to it ( just like a real person with a tablet was supplying them). We have programmers.
thanks, steve

Steve DiPaola
Simon Fraser University

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way cool stuff

Beitragvon studioraziel » Do Jun 25, 2009 1:23 am

Wow. This is incredible stuff. I hope Boris gives it a look and considers it. I've seen Corel's 'VanGogh' filter/function...but this is much cooler many times over. Are you planning on releasing an open source app from this someday?
Be Well,

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