Eye dropper not working correctly.

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Eye dropper not working correctly.

Beitragvon madeleinemai » Sa Feb 14, 2009 11:04 pm

I am new to artweaver, and I am using it for digital painting, so I use the eyedropper tool to blend colors all the time.
But the eyedropper is selecting the wrong colors, which is a big problem! When I try and select my background color it selects a bright pink color which is clearly not there. If I try again it does the same the thing and selects seemingly random colors. It has come up with a pastel green when the color is actually dark reddish purple.
Why does it do this? Is it a bug, or do I need to change my settings?
I really like art weaver and so far everything else is working fine, but I can't use it to do what I want if it keeps on doing this. Could somebody please help me? Thank you...
I'm trying to select the dark reddish purple, but its not working. Ive tried the point sample, 3 by 3 average, and the 5 by 5 average settings and none of them work.

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do you have an sample image for me to check this? I've never heard about issue before.

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Beitragvon madeleinemai » Do Feb 19, 2009 11:05 am

I'm sorry, I should have replied sooner, its actually working perfectly fine now. I'm not sure why it did that, it could have been my computer. I have a HP slimline with 4gb ram and 500g harddrive that uses windows vista. I'll let you know if it happens again.
I absolutely love artweaver, its perfect!
One thing I noticed though is that when I use transform to scale an image it makes it slightly pixely, but when I use image size it doesn't.
Another thing is some times it won't let me open a file and I have restart
art weaver, but that isn't much of a problem because it loads fast and always works correctly the second time. :D

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