Colour picker suggestion 2

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Colour picker suggestion 2

Beitragvon gb_whisper » Sa Jun 02, 2012 6:13 pm

Days ago I posted my colour picker suggestion here. Today is my second suggestion regarding this topic.


As you can see, it's about the colour slider. So far if you want to pick a colour with the colour slider, you would have to click on one of the triangle button first, slide, then click on another of the triangle button, and slide, then another one... the whole process is really annoying because it consists of too many 'clicks'.

Photoshop or Painter's colour slider is better (although some people might think AW should stay how it was) because you can quickly slide and navigate to the colour you want.

From my personal point of view, the colour slider should be separated from the big triangle colour picker and have its own 'colour slider' palette. It has two basic advantages: 1, there will be bigger area for the triangle picker (the triangle is especially small if seeing from a big screen), and 2, the 'sliding' process will be much quicker and easier.

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