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Colour picker suggestion

Verfasst: Fr Mär 23, 2012 1:18 am
von gb_whisper
Artweaver reminds me a lot about Corel Painter. In Photoshop many people prefer to use a Painter styled colour picker plug-in called 'Painters Wheel' because it's really easy to use and to understand.

In Artweaver I noticed that the black and white value is, well, kinda 'up side down' compared to Painter's colour picker. I mean it's still working fine but a bit weird, because when you pick the colour you would imagine the light is from the top (therefore 'highlight') and the shadow is at the bottom (hence 'drop shadow'). But when you actually pick the colour from Artweaver the light tone is at the bottom and the dark is on the top instead.

Therefore I would suggest to change Artweaver's colour picker as the image shown.

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Re: Colour picker suggestion

Verfasst: So Mär 25, 2012 9:36 am
von Boris Eyrich
Thank you for the suggestion. It sounds reasonable and I will try to implement this color picker adjustment with the next major version of Artweaver.